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Gilliana was recommended to me by a previous client and I only recently started working with her.
My 12 years old rescue dog had been abused and is terrified of dogs.  Gilliana went back to basics as it appears my dog has never had any training.
I find Gilliana helpful, supportive and very approachable.  She gives clear, concise instructions which are tailored to individual need, always with 
excellent relevant knowledge.

Gilliana is patient, friendly and interested in both the dog and owner.  She makes the sessions fun, as well as looking to achieve the objective of helping
to overcome my dog's fear and nervousness.  I think my dog enjoys the training sessions and already I can see a huge improvement in her behaviour.
I cannot recommend this lady too highly to anyone with a dog who has behavioural problems.

Thank you Gilliana.

Sylvie and Nina


Hi Gilliana, I have been meaning to text you to tell you about Bruno's progress!  From the first time we met with you he is a completely different dog.  I've gone from having anxiety and constant worry when I took him for walks to it being a thoroughly enjoyable experience I look forward to everyday because I finally feel like we're walking together and not him walking and me trailing after him!  His recall is amazing now, his proximity is great and he constantly looks to me for direction.  It's definitely built our bond and relationship and I can see that he is happier and we can take him anywhere with us now and know we have him under control.  I honestly can't thank you enough, it's really been life changing! X


Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given us with our rescue lurcher.  Despite having a number of rescue dogs before we have never had one quite so reactive to other dogs.  Putting good ground rules into place and having the confidence that what we are doing will work has been great, and seeing her relax and enjoy the company of other dogs has be heart warming. Thank you.

Ros, Philip and Roxy


When we collected our cocker spaniel puppy Eva at the tender age of 10 weeks little did we know what was instore. She was full of energy and mischief and was very strong willed, she pretty much pulled us around the streets when we went out. We were recommended to contact Gilliana by a previous client and we have not looked back. We now have a dog who feels comfortable and safe because she knows what we want her to do.  She is responsive to our commands but is still full of fun! We cannot thank Gilli enough for the help we have received and we know that if we have a little set back she will come and support both us and Eva through it. Eva also loves the monthly group walks led by Gilliana where she can learn some short lead techniques whilst enjoying a lovely walk.

Cath, Paul and Eva.


"We were recommended to contact Gilliana soon after we got our husky pup Nanuk.  She was very timid, hiding every time someone came to the house. Gilliana came to the house to teach us not Nanuk, and almost straight away, following all her tips and advice, our pup became the confident, calm and well behaved dog we have now. I can't recommend her highly enough. She knew straight away how sensitive our dog is and how she would learn from our behaviour. We had to take a leap of faith and implemented all the techniques. Since then we are complimented on her behaviour regularly. We are very proud and grateful !" Sara and Ian & Nanuk the Husky


"We took Ollie on a works Charity Pack Walk over at Henley today (a thing my firm organise every year), she met lots of other dogs, didn't eat anyone and even got a rosette! This wouldn't have happened pre-Gilliana!" Ellie & Ollie the Lurcher


“ Gilliana is a godsend!
We rescued a Springer Spaniel and, having had a previous very bad experience with the dog, wanted to do things correctly this time so we could have a positive outcome, as well as rebuilding our confidence as dog owners.
Our dog had a couple of issues that needed sorting i.e. pulling hard on the lead, and being very reactive to cats. As he is a strong dog (physically and mentally), we wanted to find a way of positively controlling him on walks. Gilliana visited 3 times, giving us various straightforward techniques to combat these problems. Even after the first session, walking was miraculously easier!
Although we have no more 1-2-1 sessions planned, Gilliana is always there for us if we have a question. She is very approachable, and always has something positive to say/try.
She also runs twice monthly get-togethers, which are great fun occasions to meet up with other dogs and owners and have a nice walk.
I have already recommended her to several people.” Jessica & Hugo the Springer Spaniel


I was really struggling with my border collie pup, when someone recommended Gilliana.  Max is an anxious soul, whose fears were manifesting in reactive behaviour, starting in puppy class, and then out on walks etc.   Both he & I were getting more & more stressed, so when Gilliana stepped in with her calm positive approach and practical advice, it saved us both really, as I was seriously considering giving him up, something I believe I would have regretted.  Thanks to Gilliana I now have not only direction and strategies, but support too.    She has listened to me venting my frustrations and despair, and helped me focus on the sweet sensitive dog that he is.  Looking back over the last 9 months, I can see he & I have both come on in leaps & bounds, on his general obedience and coping strategies for his anxiety.  Her dedication has also gone beyond the role of trainer.  She’s found me contacts for agility, specialized collie training, and even a shepherd to try him out at sheep herding!  So a HUGE thank you to Gilliana.  I would thoroughly recommend her, from general training to more challenging behavioral issues.  She’s a star!!  Sue & Max (woof woof)


"A dog doesn't expect to be treated like a human  A dog expects a human to be like a dog"